Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three Little Monkeys… then Four

Three little monkeys reading on the bed,
Mommy and Daddy and Carmela read,
All about new babies, ‘cause the doctor said,
“One more monkey will be reading on the bed!”

We’re excited to be expecting a new baby in our house, due Oct 22nd!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day π = 3.14

Today is Pi day!  If you asked Brent, he could tell you what

π equals out to the 20th decimal place.  In honor of Pi day, Jack and Carmela and I thought we would have pies delivered to Brent, Dad, and Daniel.  It was quite adventurous.



We found a pie place in Vienna, VA that delivers.  We ordered a chocolate pecan pie to be sent to Daniel’s work sometime today.  Easy peasy. …until the delivery guy got to Daniel’s work.  He went to the front desk, asked for Daniel Chappell, and the secretary/security desk called Daniel.  Daniel said he didn’t order anything and to turn the guy away.  The guy explained to the secretary that it was a gift.  The secretary called Daniel again.  He thought it must be a trick…someone was probably trying to slip something into the government building and Daniel wasn’t going to be the one to let him do it!  So the delivery guy called the bakery.  The guy at the bakery called me and left a message explaining what was going on.  He asked me to please call Daniel and explain.  He said the delivery guy would wait 5 more minutes before bringing the pie back to the bakery.  I got the message 20 minutes later.  So, I texted Daniel, to see if he got the pie.  Then I called the bakery guy back.  He explained again what happened and that the delivery guy had to return with the pie.  No response from Daniel.  I texted Jocelyn (who was in cahoots with us) and asked her what I should do.. would she like to go pick it up? should I have it delivered to their condo? ???  Then…. a text from Daniel.  “I got the pie.  Thanks and Happy Pi Day!”.  Did he get the pie after all?  Does he feel badly for rejecting the pie now that he knows where it came from?  I called Jocelyn.  She called Daniel.  She called me.  Daniel did get the pie.  It took 3 phone calls from the secretary before he got the info that it was from us.  Phew. Pie #1 delivered. : )

Thanks to Jocelyn for sleuthing.



Dad’s was complicated to order.  I found a place with pie on their menu near Dad’s work.  They didn’t deliver, but a delivery service would.  They didn’t normally sell whole pies, but could do that for me.  They would have to make a new one, because they only had sliced pie.  I had to order through the delivery service though.  I called them.  They said I had to place the order online.  I was at work. Had to use my phone.  A little tricky.  Of course, a whole pie was not on the menu.  So, I ordered 1 slice of pie and explained in the special instructions my arrangement with the café.  My order wouldn’t go through, because I hadn’t met the minimum purchase amount.  So… I ordered 4 pieces of pie a la mode.  This came to $21 (The minimum was $20 for delivery.  The guy at the café said he’d sell it to me for $15.  I told him I’d buy it for $20 for convenience.)  I continued on in the ordering process.  Deliver to: Michael Robertson.  Credit Card information:  My phone wouldn’t let me type in a stream of numbers- it added random spaces every few numbers.  Had to go in and delete each space without deleting the numbers (trickier than it should be).  There was no place for my name.  Of course it wouldn’t go through if they ran the card under Dad’s name, so I said to deliver it to me and in the notes I explained that it was a delivery for Michael Robertson from Tamara, Jack, and Carmela with a message of Happy Pi Day.  Order submitted.  Who knew what Dad would get. Four slices of pie with melting ice cream?  No pie at all?  Nope.  He got his pie!  They called his suite and ask for Mark Robinson.  Dad figured that was close enough, he’d go down and check it out.  The delivery guy was working from his memory.  He said Happy Birthday, from Carmela.  Since that was his granddaughter, he figured it must have been for him.  It was even still nice and hot! 

Happy Birthday Dad, errr Happy Pi Day!

Thanks to Mom’s sleuthing.



Pie is just not made near Brent’s work.  So, Jack and I thought we’d have pizza delivered.  (Sometimes that’s called a pie).  What time does Brent work?  7-11.  Hmmm.  Can’t order pizza that early.  Fail.  Alternate plan:  Order pie at Marie Callenders (right near SDSU where Brent’s an engineering major) and send Brent to pick up his own pie.  No hitches at all.  Phew.  Brent got his pies. : )

Thanks again, Mom, for the sleuthing.


I wanted to make Jack a blueberry pie.  Fail.  (Took a nap with Carmela instead.)  Alternate plan: Buy pie from the grocery store along with a roasted chicken and potato salad.) Living room picnic Pi Day celebration was a success.


Happy Pi Day to all. : )

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I just can’t help but love this baby!  DSC00719

She is so happy.  Our favorite game right now is chase with a hide and seek finish.  Her giggle is the best sound in the whole world.  She gets so excited when she’s caught up with her mommy.  Carmela’s new word is book.  Her favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  She loves to read and spends quite a bit of time choosing books from her shelf and looking through them, turning pages one by one and talking to the babies or animals she sees.  Too fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tolmachoff Farms

Today, Carmela and I went to the Pumpkin Patch.  They had a petting zoo, a corn maze, and lots of corn and pumpkins.  The best part was when Carmela was watching the chickens and up came a crowing rooster.  She thought is was so funny that that big bird would make such a noise!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mom and Tot Swim

 Carmela (almost 10 months old now and crawling all around) and I have been taking a swim class on Saturday mornings with my friend, Holly, and her 11 month old, Abby.  Carmela is such an observer.  She studies her surroundings and likes to figure out who she's hanging out with.  Our first Saturday, the teacher had us all line the babies up on the edge of the pool, count to 3, and have the kiddoes "jump" into the water.  Carmela was too busy studying everyone else to watch her mommy, so we waited until everyone else had jumped in, before she took her turn.  Now she knows the routine and enjoys the edge of pool sitting jumps, watching me blow bubbles, and waving hello to the other kids.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Pic of the month