Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello World!

I love my boyfriend so much! He loves me enough to create a blog for me just the way I wanted it. His name is Jack. We've been dating for a quite some time and he's been anxious for me to join the blogging world.

We're reading Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb together. It's a fantasy adventure in the Farseer Series. Jack is really good at reading. Sometimes I take a turn, but I like it best when Jack reads to me. When I'm a bit sleepy I forget to listen to the story and I just get lost in his voice. It's so dreamy. >Sigh<

I wish every girl could be so lucky as to have a tall, dark, and handsome guy like him. He even likes to play with my happy cats. I could go on and on about Jack, but this blog is supposed to be about me, so I'll wrench myself away onto other topics. ..... ummmm... well, maybe tomorrow. Right now I can only think about Jack. ; )

(This entry was written by Jack and edited after the fact by Tamara)