Monday, June 30, 2008

Bridal Plans and Parties : )

What a great weekend! Jack and I went to San Diego. We got our marriage license, met with our flower lady, and checked off several other planning details. My grandma and mom organized a luncheon on Friday with several friends from church. It was fun to get together and visit. On Saturday, Carla Kopotic threw a great bridal shower for me. Jocelyn organized Jack Trivia where all the answers had something to do with "Jack". She also had a game "You don't know Jack!" It was clever and cute. I had to see if I knew the answers to questions that Jack had been asked, for example; "What's Jack's favorite shirt that Tamara wears?" and "What's Jack's favorite T.V. show?" It turned out a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone!!! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Engagment Story

Jack and I had been talking about marriage in the language of "If we were to get married....". The development of our relationship has been very gradual and so it was with deciding to get married. One Monday evening, at the end of March, Jack and I were talking about our goals and progress and Jack told me that he had decided that he wants to marry me and that we should look at the end of the summer between school sessions. I had known for a couple of months that I wanted to spend my life with Jack, so it was great to know that he was on the same page and to get to start talking about plans.

Over the next few weeks we decided on August 16th and Jack had started ring shopping. He brought me with him to a few places so that he could get an idea of what looked good and what we liked. He told me that he had special ordered a ring, but there was some hang up at the manufacturer and he didn't know when it would come in. Soon after that, one evening at the end of April on a Tuesday night (when I wasn't expecting anything) he proposed. It was right after getting back to my apartment from doing some errands and was very simple. I had barely set down my things and before I knew it, there he was on his knee, ring in hand, asking me to marry him. He said he was still waiting for the ring he ordered, but he just didn't want to wait any longer, so he had gone to the store and picked out an interim ring. It was beautiful and simple with one round solitaire and a very nice setting.

Yesterday, I went to the wedding of a friend's from work. It was beautiful. Jack met me and took me out to the desert to look at the stars. As we got out of the car we were looking at the sky and, at the same time in different parts of the sky, we both saw a meteor. It was romantic. We got our star charts and a blanket out of the car and laid down to see what we could find. After identifying several constellations, I just lay there in Jack's arms thinking what a perfect date this was since one of our first dates was to go watch the Perseid meteor showers. He was such a gentleman and it was after that date when I knew that I wanted to pursue a relationship with him. As I was lost in thought, Jack turned to me and said something about tonight being a good night to look at the stars and me being starry-eyed and he wanted to give me more stars in my eyes by giving me this, as he handed me a ring. I had to turn on the flashlight to really see it and wow, if I thought the other ring was beautiful, I don't know how to describe this one. He asked me again if I'd marry him and of course, I said "Yes!" It was starting to get cold so we were getting packed up to go and Jack took me in his arms and danced with me while he sang, "Are there stars out tonight? I don't know if it's cloudy or bright. I only have eyes for you..." It was very romantic.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where in the World is Tamara San Diego?

I've been asked to fill everyone in on what's been going on with me the last couple of years, so I'll give a short synopsis of how I've spent my time and where I've been. I graduated from school as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 2001 from Harcum College just outside of Philadelphia. I spent the next two years as a missionary in the spanish speaking congregations south of D.C. After returning from my missionary work in Virginia I lived in San Diego and worked for a couple of years at Alvarado's San Diego Rehab Insititute (still my favorite setting!) I spent another year in San Diego doing per diem and part time work at nursing homes while I took prereq's for grad school. In August of 2006 I started working as a travel therapist and spent 6 months on contract in Fresno, CA and then another 6 months on contract in Phoenix, AZ. Of course, by the time my contract was up here, I had already met Jack and decided it was time to hold still for a little bit.

Friday, June 6, 2008

About Jack

Well, several people have asked me who is this guy that I'm marrying. So, I thought I'd fill you all in. : )

I met Jack toward the beginning of last year just after moving from California to Phoenix at the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant. It was a church activity and I went to try and meet people and make new friends. Little did I know how life changing it would be. : ) Jack and I ended up sitting near each other and chatting. We started dating soon after that.

I always wanted to be with someone who loves the gospel, is tall, and speaks Spanish and I get all three with Jack. Jack also speaks ASL and has studied German and Japanese (It'll be handy to have him around while traveling.) Also, Jack loves music. He sings and plays guitar, violin, mandolin, and more. Jack is studying computer engineering at Arizona State University and is in the Air Force Reserves doing Ground Radio. He really loves the Air Force and is looking forward to commissioning as an officer upon graduation. As much as I love to move, I think it'll be great to be married to a military man.

I think he's great! : D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grad School

Something that I haven't mentioned much on my blog is that I am excited to be going back to school in the Fall! I'll be doing a two year Occupational Therapy Masters Program. The school is Belmont University in Nashville, TN. It is designed for the working OT assistant, to build on their previous schooling. The majority of the work is online through blackboard and self study. I will fly out to Nashville to attend school every third weekend. The class size is 30 and there were over 200 applicants, so I feel very lucky to have been accepted! I am very excited to be continuing my education and with such a convenient program. (Of course, it will be a lot of work, but well worth it!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Engaged!!!

Well, it certainly has been awhile since I've made time to update my blog. The biggest news is that Jack I are planning to get married August 16 this summer in San Diego. We've been engaged for a month and we're having fun making plans and getting everything set.

We just got back from a trip back east. Jack had his annual two week tour with the Air Force Reserves. I spent a few days with my Aunt Carmela in Philadelphia while Jack was in New Jersey doing training. Jack had a three day weekend so he got to join me in Philly where we spent time with my aunt and got together with some of my friends from when I went to school out there. Sunday we went down to Virginia where I served my mission and got to go to Sacrament meeting in the two wards that I had served in. After church we drove up to Jack's Aunt Libby's and stayed with her family just outside of D.C. It was a great trip.