Friday, March 26, 2010

School Rotation


Today was my last day of fieldwork in the schools.  Melissa, and Jan took me out for lunch to celebrate.  It was a fun rotation.  My home school was a pre-K though 8th grade, so I got a good variety.  When I started in January I thought that the pre-school was the hardest, but by half way through I really got a routine down and looked forward to my pre-school day.  Melissa is a COTA that works with Jan and she had lots of fun ideas on how to collaborate with the teachers and help her kiddoes progress.  Jan was my clinical instructor and shared a wealth of resources on treating pediatrics.  She had worked for years in Rehab and had recently made the switch to the school system.  I learned a lot during this assignment and put together a great resource file box for if I ever work in peds again.  I’m sure to use the sensory techniques I learned in my next assignment with my neuro patients.