Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hanging out at Nicole's

Last night we went over to Nicole's house. She's a friend from work. There were quite a few of us there. It's always fun to get together outside of work. I put in my two weeks notice on Friday. I'm planning to just work per diem. That way when I'm in school I'll be able to take as much time as I need for my studies and arrange my work schedule according to what works best for me. For now, I plan to stay per diem at LifeCare, where I've been working and also to continue on per diem (instead of full time) at HealthSouth. I'm looking forward to the freedom.

Renaissance Faire

Andrea was able to come out to Phoenix during her Spring Break. She helped me finish my apartment move and start organizing and decorating the new apartment. We went to the Tempe Art Festival and to the Phoenix Renaissance Faire while she was here. This picture was at the Faire. We found some fun hair things and shared a huge turkey drumstick. We had a good time. I was sad when her trip came to an end and she had to get back to Las Vegas.

Easter Pageant

On March 22, 2008, the Saturday before Easter, our ward went to see the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant about the life of Christ. Jack and I met a year ago at the Easter Pageant. He was distracted by some other girl at the time, so he couldn't realize right away how great I'd be for him. Luckily, it was only a few weeks later when he asked me out. ; )

My New Apartment

On March 22nd I moved into my new apartment. Jack and several guys from the ward came to help out. This is a view from the front door. My backyard looks onto the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It's so relaxing on a Sunday morning to sit in the living room with the windows open. The cats love to look out the windows and watch the birds flying around and the rabbits hopping along down below.
Here's a link to Jack's entry and more pix of my apartment.