Monday, April 27, 2009

Visit with Friends

We had a fun visit with Carla and her baby Everett. Carla was one of my bridesmaids and is one of my best friends. Her brother lives in Phoenix, so while she was in town, she came over for Sunday dinner. It was fun to meet her baby and to catch up.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring in Nashville

This morning before class, we took a walk around campus to capture some pictures of the spring blossoms. I love the dogwood trees. Dogwoods always remind of Aunt Carmela and living in Philadelphia.
Belmont Hotel Roommates: Stephanie, Tamara, Stacey, & Stacy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Mom

Reasons I'm Thankful
for My Mom:
  • She instilled Independence in me.
  • She encouraged me to explore a variety of interests.
  • She encouraged my sense of adventure.
  • She helped me to develop qualities and personality attributes that make me who I am.
  • She taught me the gospel and to love the scripture stories.
  • She encouraged me to learn to sing Alto and helped me find my part in church.
  • She taught me to brainstorm.
  • She taught me to research.
  • She taught me how to write a paper.
  • She helped me find the perfect career (which has been a blessing in many ways).
  • She encouraged me to do my best (despite my being okay with "B"s).
  • She continues to provide the emotional support that I need.

I was working on my academic portfolio (school assignment) on the plane today and had to write about my values and how I chose occupational therapy. It made me reflect on all the great things my mom has done for me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is OT Month!

Ever wonder what is Occupational Therapy?

"The person who needs occupational therapy could be your father or mother facing changes because of aging. It could be your child, frustrated with being unable to do the seemingly simple things the other children at school can do. It could be you or your spouse coping with illness or the results of an accident. It could be anyone who, for whatever reason, can't do the things in life they want or need to do."

"Occupational therapy is therapy based on performing the meaningful activities of daily life (self-care skills, education, work, or social interaction), especially to enable or enhance participation in such activities despite impairments or limitations in physical or mental functioning.* Occupational therapy is for individuals of all ages-to improve skills that help them perform daily tasks at home and at school, at work and at play."

See for more info on what it is that I do and that I'm learning about.